How to Become a Life Coach in Wyoming

You’ve probably heard of sports coaches, but have you ever considered becoming a life coach? Both life coaches and traditional sports coaches inspire people and motivate them for success, but life coaches help motivate people in areas besides athletics. Fitness, financial, relationship and career goals can all be achieved with the help of a life coach.

The Harvard Business Review provides a summary of how coaches help their clients. The process involves helping them visualize goals, assessing their current situation and where improvement is needed, creating a plan and taking action to improve and follow the plan to success.

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Some of the more experienced life coaches serve as advisers to key political and financial figures. Others serve everyday adults wanting to improve their lives in one way or another. While many life coaches are self-employed, you can also find them working for large businesses, fitness clubs, wellness centers and other organizations.

What Does it Take?

To become a life coach, you need some basic personality traits essential for the job. Life coaches need to be good communicators, have cheerful personalities and be goal-oriented. After graduating high school or earning your GED, it’s recommended that you train in an accredited life coaching course to learn skills needed for the job.

Because there are no regulated standards for the field of life coaching, anyone can call themselves a life coach. That means the unregulated industry can be challenging for potential clients to navigate. Thankfully, you can earn certification through a well-respected agency like the International Coach Federation (ICF) to prove to your clients that you’re a serious life coach with experience.

Study to Learn Core Life Coach Skills

To improve your success as a life coach and ensure you’re using the best strategies, study in a life coach training program accredited by the ICF. Here are some online programs available to you in Wyoming:

  • American Life Coach Academy, INC. This school offers four levels of training for those who want to learn more about life coaching and become certified. To become prepared for basic ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification, students can take a four-day, intensive life coach course at select locations or study online in a 60-hour program.
  • Coaching Changes Lives. This worldwide program is available online and requires 70 hours of study. Students receive 24 hours of mentorship from an ICF-accredited coach to help them succeed on their path to life coaching. There are three levels of study available to prepare students for different levels of certification: Coaching Foundation (70 hours), Leadership Coaching (70 hours) and NLP Coaching (300 hours).

Levels of Certification

The ICF offers certification on three levels for life coaches, depending on their amount of training and how much coaching experience they’ve earned. To become an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), you need to study a minimum of 60 hours in an ICF-accredited life coach program and acquire 100 hours of coaching experience. Those with at least 125 hours of training and 500 coaching hours can become Professional Certified Coaches (PCCs), and there’s an advanced Master Certified Coach (MCC) credential as well.

How Much are Life Coaches Paid?

According to, life coaches in Wyoming earn an average of $62,360 per year, which is on track with the national average income for these specialists. Factors such as experience level, training level, certifications earned and specialty strongly influence life coach income, so those who take steps to advance their career with training and certification generally earn more.

Life Coaches by Location in Wyoming

According to estimates, Cheyenne, Wyoming, life coaches earned an average of $32,520 per year in 2019. In Alta, the average income was very similar, at $32,049. Based on population sizes, Casper and Laramie should be good places to set up shop as a life coach because of their larger populations. Where there are more people, it will be easier to find clients who have needs you can meet.

This career field will continue to expand as more people report their positive results from life coach services. Over time, the U.S. population is becoming more focused on self-improvement, and large organizations and businesses are recognizing the benefits that coaching can have for employees and students. Generally, life coaches should expect to find more clients and jobs as the field grows.