How to Become a Life Coach in Washington

When you choose a career, one thing to consider is how much fulfillment you’ll be able to obtain during your work days. If you live in Washington and are interested in a career that truly can make a difference for other people, consider becoming a life coach.

On this career path, you’ll offer guidance and motivation to clients regarding many different life challenges such as weight loss, career decisions or relationship conflict. You might also be called an executive coach or an enrichment specialist, but whatever title you choose, you’ll be doing something that really matters.

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What are the Requirements for Becoming a Life Coach in Washington?

Formal training or certification isn’t officially required to become a life coach in Washington State. There are people who call themselves life coaches without going through any kind of training program. However, taking the time to complete a training program or to obtain certification lets people know you’re committed to your career choice and that you’re driven to be the best life coach you can be.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) offers three levels of certification for life coaches. An entry-level coach is called an Associate Certified Coach. To attain this level of certification, you’re required to complete over 60 hours of training and have a minimum of 100 hours of coaching experience. The next level you can attain is a Professional Certified Coach, which requires you to complete 125+ hours of training and 500+ hours coaching experience. The top level is a Master Certified Coach, requiring 200+ hours training and 2,500+ hours coaching experience.

Training to Become a Life Coach in Washington

There are options available both in-person and online to learn the necessary skills to become a life coach. Some training programs you may consider in Washington include:

  • Accomplishment Coaching. This is an intensive program accredited by ICF that provides training at various locations, including Seattle, throughout the year. Training consists of seven modules broken down as two three-day modules, four four-day modules and a two-day graduation module. Also included are weekly group video training calls.
  • Seattle Life Coach Training. This on-campus life coach certification program meets one weekend a month for six months. They also offer an online option, and their program is ICF-accredited.

Earnings Potential and Job Outlook for Washington Life Coaches

Earnings potential is always a consideration when making a career choice. The amount of money you can make as a life coach will depend on whether you work for an employer or for yourself. Corporations may hire life coaches as part of their wellness benefit, or you might find a job in locations such as a university or hospital. If you choose to start your own business, you’ll decide for yourself how much you charge and how many hours you put in.

Data specific to life coaching isn’t collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Instead, it’s combined with similar careers, such as job counselors or rehabilitation counselors. In 2015, the average annual income for life coaches was approximately $61,900.

Working as a Life Coach in Washington

Working as a life coach can be a fulfilling and potentially lucrative career. If you’re self-employed, it will take some time to develop a clientele, so you may want to start on a part-time basis while working at another job. In your career, you may choose to help anyone who needs guidance on getting from where they are to where they want to be, or you may want to choose a specialty such as vocational guidance, health and wellness, leadership training or finding a life purpose and vision.

In Washington, there are many opportunities for finding clients and helping people navigate the challenges in their lives. Big cities such as Seattle or Spokane, along with nearby areas, are likely to have the greatest concentration of prospects interested in transforming their lives with the help of a life coach.

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