How to Become a Life Coach in Utah

Helping people reach their dreams and goals can be a rewarding way to make a living in Utah. That’s why life coaches are in business. These motivational professionals help clients identify goals that will improve their lives, make plans to achieve those goals and offer motivation and accountability along the way. Life coaches may specialize in various areas such as finance, health and fitness or relationships, or they may offer a broad set of life coaching services.

Most life coaches are self-employed, though some are employed by organizations that seek life coaching services for employees or patrons. Clients usually meet with life coaches to identify and set goals, and then check in regularly to monitor progress and communicate. The services of a life coach may last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years, depending on the types of changes clients want to make. It takes some training and certification to be a successful life coach in Utah, but it’s a simple process.

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The Basics

There are no official requirements for Utah residents to become life coaches, but not just anyone can call themselves a life coach. To be successful, you’ll want to train in an accredited life coaching program and pursue certifications from a professional agency. By taking these steps, you’ll show potential clients that you have the background and experience to do the job well.

Programs of Study

After graduating high school or earning your GED, the first step to becoming a successful life coach is training. Most reputable life coach schools are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Here are some life coach training options for Utah residents:

  • The University of Utah. Earn a Professional Coaching Certificate in 12 months at this school in Salt Lake City. Graduates of the program are prepared to receive their Associate Certified Coaching (ACC) credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). Coursework includes experiential lab experiences to practice and learn coaching skills.
  • The Institute for Life Coach Training. This school offers a distance-learning program that takes place over the phone in teleconference format and includes some courses in online format. The Institute for Life Coach Training offers two levels of training to help students pursue Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Professional Certified Coach credentials from the ICF.

Get Certified as a Life Coach

Of all the life coach certifications you can pursue, those from the International Coach Federation (ICF) are the most widely recognized. This organization accredits life coach training programs that meet its high standards, so obtaining a credential from ICF shows that you have the knowledge and skills to be an excellent life coach. There are three levels of credentials that can be awarded from ICF, depending on your level of training and coaching experience.

A Look at Utah Life Coaches reports that the average salary for Utah life coaches as of October 2019 was $60,017 per year. However, incomes ranged widely, from $10,397 to $145,552, suggesting that income for life coaches depends on many factors, like location, experience and reputation. Based on ZipRecruiter’s analysis of job postings for life coaches, Salt Lake City and its surrounding area have an active job market for life coaches. Because many life coaches can be self-employed, the employment opportunities for these specialists are endless. Specializing in certain niches, such as family or finance, will help further distinguish you from others in the field.

Finding Work in Utah

The higher the population of a city, the better chances you’ll find people in need of life coaching services. For this reason, the best location in Utah to search for work will be Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas. Organizations like schools, non-profit agencies, health centers and private agencies may hire life coaches to serve the needs of their clients.

Life coaching is a relatively new career. As the benefits of life coaching emerge over time, the demand for these services will likely grow. Because of the flexibility and diversity of work in this field, life coaching is a comfortable career path for those who enjoy helping others.