Element42.org is being acquired by WeTrainLifeCoaches.com

We are thrilled to share a major milestone with you. WeTrainLifeCoaches.com has successfully acquired the Element42.org domain, which formerly represented a platform focused on personal and professional development. This acquisition represents a significant advancement in our mission to expand and enhance our range of services within the life coaching industry.

Element42.org’s commitment to empowering and enriching personal and professional growth resonates deeply with our mission. We have immense respect for the legacy of Element42.org and are eagerly looking forward to seamlessly integrating the history of the domain into our strategic expansion plans.

About Element42.org

Element42.org established a remarkable reputation in the personal development and professional growth sector during its active years. It was more than a platform – it was a source of innovation and empowerment, offering unique resources, training, and consultancy services. Notably, under Jo Grace’s visionary leadership, Element42.org was celebrated for its innovative approach to sensory engagement and inclusion. The Sensory Project, one of its key initiatives, made significant strides in sharing knowledge about sensory stories and sensory-being. This initiative profoundly influenced the lives of individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities, complex needs, or autism, by providing novel and effective learning and engagement strategies.

About WeTrainLifeCoaches.com

WeTrainLifeCoaches.com is at the forefront of life coach training, offering comprehensive programs designed to equip aspiring and established life coaches with the skills necessary to make a meaningful impact. Our focus is on delivering high-quality training and resources that align with our core values of empowerment, excellence, and transformation. Discover more about our vision and offerings:

  • Life Coach Training: Dive into the world of life coaching with our specialized training programs. Whether you’re beginning your journey or seeking to enhance your existing skills, our courses are tailored to meet your needs.
  • Role of Life Coaches: Discover what life coaches do and how they make a difference. Our detailed guide provides insights into the day-to-day responsibilities and the significant impact life coaches have on their clients’ lives.
  • Becoming a Life Coach Online: For those who prefer flexibility and convenience, our online life coach training is a perfect choice. Learn how to become a certified life coach from the comfort of your home.
  • Building a Successful Coaching Business: Step beyond training and learn how to establish a thriving life coaching business. This section offers valuable tips and strategies for starting and growing your coaching practice.