How to Become a Life Coach in Connecticut

When you choose a career that truly makes a difference in the lives of other people, your work can be very fulfilling. If you work as a life coach in Connecticut, your role will be to offer guidance and motivation to people facing a variety of challenges. Some may feel stuck in their lives and unsure of their purpose, while others may look for guidance in changing careers or working through relationship or health challenges. If you live in Connecticut and this sounds like something you would enjoy, consider becoming a life coach.

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What Does it Take to Become a Life Coach in Connecticut?

Life coaching is a fairly new profession, and it’s unregulated. Sometimes people with no training at all call themselves life coaches, because there aren’t official requirements for becoming a life coach in Connecticut, or even for calling yourself a life coach.

Completing a formal training program or obtaining certification helps you to be prepared to offer quality coaching services. It also makes you more attractive to potential clients or employers.

Obtaining Certification as a Life Coach

When you’re serious about a career in life coaching, you can demonstrate this to others by obtaining certification through the International Coach Federation (ICF). This organization offers three levels of certification, starting as an Associate Certified Coach. To attain this certification, you need to complete at least 60 hours of training and have over 100 hours of coaching experience.

As you gain more experience and complete additional training, you can eventually attain higher levels of certification. Once you’ve completed over 125 hours of training and 500 hours of coaching experience, you’re eligible to be a Professional Certified Coach. Completing over 200 hours of training and over 2,500 hours of coaching is required to become a Master Certified Coach.

Training as a Life Coach in Connecticut

There are a variety of options in life coach training in Connecticut. Some training programs are done in a classroom setting, while others can be completed online. Examples of life coach training programs in Connecticut include:

  • The Institute for Life Coach Training. Training begins with the Foundations course, which is a 40-hour course covering three modules. This is done through a teleclass format that meets twice weekly, along with Peer Coaching practice and fieldwork. Additional electives must be completed to attain the 60-hour minimum to become an Associate Certified Coach.
  • Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching. Training to become a life coach can be completed through their online video course, which can be done around your own schedule. They also offer a live virtual classroom option.

Earnings Potential and Job Outlook for Life Coaches in Connecticut

There are several factors that determine how much you’re able to earn in a career as a life coach. You may be able to obtain employment in settings such as a rehabilitation center, a behavioral wellness center or a large corporation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for life coaches in the United States in 2015 was approximately $61,900.

A large number of life coaches are self-employed, which requires building a clientele. You may want to work part-time as a life coach around a full-time job in another occupation until your business is established.

Working as a Life Coach in Connecticut

When you work as a life coach in Connecticut, you can choose to help people with a wide variety of challenges or choose a specialty. Some specialties you might choose include health and wellness, leadership skills, vocational decisions and personal or professional transitions.

Clients who are looking for life coaches can be found all over Connecticut, but the biggest opportunities are likely to be in or near the biggest cities of Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford.