About We Train Life Coaches

Life coaching means giving your knowledge generously and finding joy in the success of others. If you are someone who excels at decision-making, is inherently confident and wants to make a profound difference in the lives of others, life coaching will be an excellent fit for you. As a bonus, a career as a life coach is not only fulfilling; it also allows you some freedom of scheduling and greater control over your life in general.

As life coaches, we are experts at helping those we coach find their way to success and, as such, compiling this information to share with our future colleagues felt like a natural extension of our work. This website is intended to be a comprehensive guide to getting started as a life coach. Here you will find information on different training programs, local regulations and ideas for potential niche areas of coaching.

As contributors to this page, we would like to stress that we have no financial ties to any of the organizations highlighted. This page was instead born of our innate desire to help others find their way in the world. We sincerely hope you will find the resources you need to begin planning for your future.

Caroline Wrenn

Contributor and Editor

Caroline started her career in publishing and has a Master’s degree in journalism. Now a full-time life coach, Caroline enjoys helping other writers meet their career goals. As a true nature lover, Caroline spends much of her time off hiking and snowshoeing in the woods near her home in rural Massachusetts with her two-year-old Husky, Hazel.

Conrad Morelli

Contributing Writer

Conrad has been coaching others in the international business sector, in which he has extensive expertise, for the past eight years. Getting into life coaching was life-changing for Conrad, and he has embraced the ability to work remotely, allowing him to acquire clients from all over the world. He and his partner split their time between California and southern France.

Julia Timmons

Contributing Writer

Julia is a Los Angeles resident who has been a general life coach for the past 15 years. Coaching in L.A. has specific challenges, but overcoming obstacles is Julia’s specialty. In fact, she was a state champion sprinter and hurdler in her college years and still enjoys running and competing, albeit in longer races.

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